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We are Slab Innovation

A company specialized in the manufacture and installation of automated production lines for the concrete industry.

Our Products and Services

Look no further, we have the proven, safe, versatile and efficient standard solutions to improve your productivity.


Don't waste your time experimenting with all kinds of technology. Over the years, we have gone through all the hassles and we have developed the know-how that will save you precious time, avoid costly mistakes and make you operational and highly productive in record time...

You get speed, flexibility and better control to produce concrete products faster with greater precision.

This unique tool, the most versatile one in the industry, allows lifting of all kinds of concrete products and shapes.

Our clamps have the ability to generate the ideal pressure, avoiding sag, thus maintaining your product's beauty.

Our board buffers manage your metal production boards in order to keep your production efficient.

We build and stock all types of heavy-duty conveyors needed in the industry.

At SLAB Innovation, we can deliver any type of improved material handling automated solutions.

Slab Innovation is a recognized leader in the concrete industry for its 20+ years of experience dedicated to complex material handling.


Thanks to the innovations, and automated robotic solutions that Slab Innovations brings to the market, we are actively contributing to the advancement of our industry.

We are experts in the design, manufacture, and installation of automated production lines for concrete plants.

Our company is the official integrator of Fanuc robots in North America.

Practically indestructible, these Japanese robots combine versatility and robustness. Tireless and capable of complex operations, these robots take on the heaviest and most daunting tasks, allowing staff to focus on value-added tasks. In addition, this equipment is covered by a 24/7 maintenance service, reducing production downtimes to a minimum.

Slab Innovation is also an exclusive reseller of Besser, a world leader in supplying innovative and versatile production systems, parts & support, in the concrete manufacturing industry. This win-win partnership allows Besser to benefit from our innovative products and our company to be accessible on a larger scale.

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We design automated applications based on your specific needs.

Heavy duty flexible robotic applications

◎    Material handling
◎    Innovative pallet distribution
◎    Online added value
◎    Optimal safety solutions

Complete Turnkey Solutions

Integrated Wetcast Plant

Robotic Tumbling Line

Slab Innovation Interior Tumbler


"After doing business with SLAB Innovation, not only is my production rate constant, but everyone on the line is responsible for their part and can quickly react to problems...”

Dominic Vézina, president of Les Pierres Royales Inc

Exclusive FANUC Robots Integrator

FANUC is the world's leading supplier of automation for manufacturing including robotics, CNCs and Motion Controls.

Official Member

The National Precast Concrete Association is a non-profit trade association representing manufacturers of plant-produced precast concrete products and companies that provide equipment, supplies and services to the industry.

Official Member

The Concrete Masonry & Hardscapes Association (CMHA) represents a unification of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) and National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA). CMHA is a trade association representing US and Canadian producers and suppliers in the concrete masonry and hardscape industry, as well as contractors of interlocking concrete pavement and segmental retaining walls.


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